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Are you thinking about repairing or replacing your old water heater? We are thrilled to help reinstate comfortability back into your home. When living with a broken or damaged water heater, you make compromises in your daily routines. Whether it’s staggering showers, avoiding laundry while a loved one showers, or even washing your hands in warm water. Here at Midland Plumbing, we believe nobody should compromise their comfort in their homes. That is why our team of licensed, bonded, and insured professionals is quick and efficient when repairing or replacing your old water heater. 

The time is now to reinstate comfortability back into your home, and with the help of the professionals from Midland Plumbing, your water heater will be back to running like new. So trust the best and contact Midland Plumbing for Plumbing Professional Water Heater Repair in Lombard, IL. 

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Who is Midland Plumbing?

Midland Plumbing is a team of licensed, bonded, and insured professionals that can handle any plumbing issue thrown their way. Midland Plumbing has been servicing the local communities around Lombard and Villa Park, Illinois, for nearly two decades, and we have enjoyed every second of it. Midland Plumbing prides itself on taking care of the community’s plumbing needs and helping you save money by offering a plethora of discounts for returning or new customers. We offer a $25 discount on your first service call! So schedule your plumbing repairs with the team of professionals at Midland Plumbing!

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Water Heater Tips and Services

While some competitors may sit around and wait for your call to schedule a repair or replacement, Midland Plumbing believes in educating their community to avoid plumbing issues. Transparency is always at the forefront when dealing with the professionals at Midland Plumbing. In most of our client’s water heater repairs, the system will continue operating even though a piece is malfunctioning, so you must keep a close eye on its performance. 

Here are some tips on how to spot if your water heater requires repair:

  • Decreased Volume of Hot Water
  • Rust In Your Water
  • Decreased Temperature Of Your Hottest Water 
  • A Burnt Out Heating Element 
  • Being More Than 10 Years Old
  • Tapping Noise Coming From Heater 
  • Change In Your Waters Hardness 
  • Leaking In The Pipes Leading Into Heater

If you notice any of these identifiers occurring in your water heater, contact the plumbing professionals in Lombard, Illinois, at Midland Plumbing. 

Disclosure: We understand that these repairs or replacements can occur financially at an unfortunate time. However, we highly recommend not attempting to fix your water heater yourself. This appliance mixes water with electricity or gas and could lead to serious personal injuries. Our team will come prepared to settle any issue you are experiencing, and we use only the highest quality replacement parts for traditional and tankless water heaters. 

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A water heater is essential to keeping you and your loved ones comfortable in your home. So don’t hesitate to get it repaired by the licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing professionals at Midland Plumbing. Contact us today and join the legacy of nearly twenty years of keeping our communities safe and happy.